Equestrian Social Media Marketing

What is Equestrian Social Media Marketing?

Equestrian Social Media Marketing is the same as any other social media marketing, it is just tailored specifically to all things equine! Having an online presence is arguably one of the most important aspects for a business looking to expand and grow. Social Media is something almost everyone in the country uses, so it’s important your business has a social media page of some kind; this way customers have something more personal to interact with, other than just a website.

Daily posts, ad campaigns, and general interactions are all important elements to keeping your Social Media page active. Posts can include anything you want it to, whether that’s product promotion or general customer interaction through friendly posts. Here at Alice Rose & Co we understand that this can be a time-consuming task, that’s why we are here to help. Equestrian Social Media Marketing is the perfect chance to get to know your audience, drive sales and put yourself out there more!

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Why Social Media Marketing Is Important For Your Equestrian Business.

Social media has become one of the most influential platforms on the internet, with many people using it for so much more than just virtual socialising. Social media has become an outlet for everything in one place, you can get the latest news, trend updates, items for sale and so much more, all on one feed. But why is it an essential for your Equestrian Business?

Equestrian Social Media Marketing is important for many reasons but mainly because its an effective way to grow, expand and branch out your business in a personalised way. Having an online presence on places such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter allow an amazing way to interact with customers. This gives the opportunity to find out needs of those you’re marketing to but also create a personal connection, meaning customers are more likely to return.

Not only this but using social media platforms also allows new potential customers to stumble upon your business through organic methods of sharing, whether a friend has liked your page or one of the hashtags you’ve used is of interest to them.

Facebook Ads are the most cost-effective way to market your business to who your target audience is specifically. You have the chance to cater your ad to meet every requirement for who you want to market yourselves to. Facebook have the facilities to ensure your ad reaches the most relevant, important audience that could be/ already are interested in your field of business.

Having a social media presence can also allow you an easier way to learn about your competitors. Its an easy way to find out about how their content is boosting their business, what their audience need, how they engage with their audience and more (all things that could be applicable to your business).

In addition to this, social media is a cost-effective way to boost your products or services. By posting about what you do, it creates a brand awareness but not only this, you can retrieve engagement by receiving likes, comments, and shares – only increasing the chances of being seen by new potential customers.

Our Social Media Packages

Here at Alice Rose & Co we offer Equestrian Social Media Marketing and Social Media Management. We do this by creating new, fresh, and relevant content to maximise brand engagement, which we offer across one or more of your social media platforms, with a few packages for you to choose from. We have years of experience in Facebook and Instagram ads so we can create tailored campaigns that will be specific to those who you are looking to target for business. There are so many elements that go into Equestrian Social Media Marketing and here at Alice Rose & Co we are proud to say we offer everything under one umbrella.

We also have a wealth of experience working with Influencers & VIP Engagement. You can find out more about our other services here. Or to see about our other Equestrian Social Media Marketing clients, you can read more here. Additionally find our more about our Equine Marketing service.

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Support Package

If you don’t want to outsource full management but you need a hand getting started, or you want to make your feed look branded and beautiful, then this is the package for you. 

– A bank of post templates built in Canva for you to use for any of your posts. 

– Mixture of promotional posts, testimonials/quotes and engagement graphics

– Highlight icons and cover photos

Half Management Package

Ideal for businesses looking for a helping hand with their social media, for example we may produce the promotional and ‘sales-y’ posts whilst you cover the lifestyle, or vice versa! Perfect for business owners who can’t commit to posting everyday, and who would like to share the workload.

– Up to 15 posts created and published every month including branded graphics, post content and hashtag research

– Cover photos and feed beautification

Full Management Package

Ideal for businesses looking to outsource the management of their channels. We get a rough idea of what you want to promote for the upcoming month and we handle everything from there!

– Up to 28 posts created and published every month including branded graphics, post content and hashtag research

– Posting to stories and highlights

– Audience engagement such as replying to comments and encouraging conversation with your audience

– Cover photos and feed beautification

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Why choose us?

Our specialist team are all individually skilled in their own way meaning there is someone who can help you and your business in any aspect you need. You will always deal directly with Alice, making communication nice and simple. We encourage cups of tea over zoom, nurturing relationships and providing a fantastic ROI. We pride ourselves on our client satisfaction and want to provide our customers with the highest quality of service possible. As previously mentioned, we provide all our services under one roof so whatever you need, you can keep it all safe in one place. Don’t just take it from us, read what our past clients have to say!

Contact Alice today to find out more information on how we can help you with Equine Marketing.

“Alice designed a new and refreshed version of the EcoGreen Equestrian website. I can’t thank her enough, the website has been live for a few months now and is performing much better than it did before, its easy for customers to use and looks fantastic.”

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