Whilst we have all fallen victim to the horrid Coronavirus which has been sweeping around the globe, there has been a few silver linings for us here at Alice Rose & Co!

About 6 months ago we made the decision to expand our offerings to rural, country and luxury lifestyle brands, due to the fact that these types of businesses often go hand in hand with equine ones. Plus we were actually attracting a lot of these types of clients anyway!

Many of these rural and lifestyle brands were getting in touch with us because they had either been recommended to us from a previous client (always lovely when that happens) or they had links with the equine industry themselves. Working with these sorts of brands was really enjoyable, and creating logos which didn’t always incorporate horses was actually very fun!

Anyway, we had been meaning to shout about this exciting new step, however we had been so inundated with a steep incline of our own client work that work on our own website was suffering…

This had been frustrating for some time as everytime we thought we had a spare week to focus on it, another piece of work would come through our doors, and another, and another!

Like I said, we aren’t complaining about this one bit, but the recent developments of Covid 19 has meant that our work for some clients has eased off whilst they shut their doors to the public. Because of this, we’ve managed to get our new site finally finished, and live to the world; showcasing our offerings to the rural and luxury market too!

So why Lifestyle brands?

We’ve found that the lifestyle of horsey folk often goes hand in hand with that of luxury lifestyle pursuits, with our clientele tendng to be those with a love of the more country and branded products.

We also have a very specific style of design – you won’t find any graffiti fonts or blacked out designs here! So we discovered that our style of creativity is attractive to lifestyle brands – often ones which are fresh, modern and simple.

Plus, we just love working with them! We have said before on our About Us page that we only work with brands that share our passion and values, and we simply love working with any country lifestyle or luxury lifestyle brands!

We are all for supporting the British economy, and helping rural businesses thrive, and as we have expanded our team of specialists, it makes sense we expand our offerings too.

New clients often come through word of mouth referrals, and so we have simply adapted to the growth we have experienced lately. We LOVE it when new people get in touch with us, and we can’t wait to see what the rest of this year holds for us here at Alice Rose & Co!

Want to find out more?

Pick up the phone drop us a text, or fill out an enquiry form if you’re interested in working with us, or even if you fancy a cuppa and just want to say hi!

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