It’s so exciting to see the equestrian industry really start to grow. I’m seeing more and more new businesses pop up, and there seems to be a so much more innovation in the market these days. Because of this, it seems even more imperative to stand out – so I thought I’d just write a little bit about how you can do this, specifically with some equestrian marketing techniques!

The world of equestrian marketing can seem so daunting, It can seem like a minefield when looking through all the different options available. As marketing and design specialists, we are your go-to for anything horse and business related.

So without further ado, here are just a few ideas to get you started…


1. Paid Advertising on Social Media

I’m going to assume that you’re already using social media to promote your horse biz, so if you’re wanting to take your equestrian marketing to the next step, then using paid advertising can be a great way to boost your channels. There’s literally hundreds of different options available through the Facebook Business Manager, and with a budget of as little as £20 you can reach hundreds of highly targeted people.


2. Retargeting Advertsising

Have you ever been looking at a product on a website which you simply love, then go onto your Facebook newsfeed, or a website and see an ad for those exact items pop up?

This is retargeting advertising!

This is a highly effective equestrian marketing method, as you can ensure that you stay at the forefront of your (potential) customers minds. if you are doing this through the Google Display network, you could appear on many prestigious sites, adding to the credibility of your brand.


3. Google Ads

if you’re wanting to get to the top of results on search engines, then you may want to consider Google ads. This is simple to set up, and you can determine the keywords you want to rank for, ensuring you only pay for relevant clicks.


4. Magazines

Advertising in magazines is a great way to get in front of a wide audience in a creative way. You can be sure that the readers of the publication are interested in the industry (otherwise they wouldn’t be reading!)

*TIP: consider including a discount code to track the effectiveness of your advert


5. Networking

Like I said earlier, the equine industry is growing. Getting to know other people in the same community can be such a good way to market your business. For us word of mouth recommendations is the number 1 way that we attract new clients, which I guess means we must be doing something right!

If you’re at a show, get out there and chat to other business owners, you never know what opportunities can arise. It’s very true when they say it’s who you know, and I’m a big advocate of working together and building communities.


6. Content

Are you pushing out regular content on both your website and social channels? This can often be an area overlooked in equestrian marketing, but ensuring that you are creating and sharing relevant content can mean that you are found by more people, and favourited by Google and other search engines.


7. Competitions

These are a great way to reach new people on your social media. You can collaborate with other brands, as well as boost your engagement across your platforms. If you’ve got a certain product you want to push, this can be a good excuse to do just that!


So these equestrian marketing methods are literally scratching the surface of the options available to you and your horse business. If you’d like to discuss how to implement any of these in your business, please do get in touch with me here!

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